5 Things E-commerce Shippers Should Start Doing

January 17, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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With the new year, we always make promises and intentions of all the things we’ll start doing this year. Recently, Adrian Gonzalez of TalkingLogistics took his own spin on this idea and listed 4 things to stop doing this year when it comes to supply chain and logistics resolutions. We’re bouncing off that list with 5 things e-commerce shipper should start doing:

Utilize Incentives

Having a successful e-commerce business has become about more than just having a quality product. It’s about what you can offer in addition to the product itself. How are you going to make it worth it for them to purchase your product, as opposed to the competitors? This is a question you should be constantly asking yourself as an e-commerce retailer. Consumers love freebies and coupons. Incentives such as 10% off first order or a gift with purchase ensure they buy the product from you and increase the likelihood they’ll purchase from you again. At FreightCenter, we can utilize our transportation management system to gather data on who is a new customer and tailor an email to them offering the incentive of our choice. The options from there are limitless.

Include Customer Reviews

A positive customer review can be the deciding factor as to whether a consumer chooses your service/product or not. Often, people will go looking for reviews on their own without you having to do much additional work, but why not take the initiative to display the superior reviews directly on your site to ensure visibility. FreightCenter has linked up with Trustpilot, a site which publishes reviews for online businesses. We integrated this feature directly onto our website so that visitors can see our current rating along with the most recent 5 stars review as they’re browsing. It’s an effective method, with little resources or effort spent on it.

Plan Ahead

We’re not in the business of being negative but we all know there’s truth to the adage known as Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It pays to prepare, especially for the worst. The need for planning pertains to all aspects of e-commerce and logistics, but more specifically the management of inventory and sales forecasting. Plan everything in your power to avoid adverse outcomes. Then, create a plan for how you will react and recover if said adversities actually transpire. Before winter season hit, FreightCenter began educating customers on the effects that winter storms would have on booked shipments. Knowing we have no control over mother nature, winter eventually hit and we began informing customers of storms that were causing terminal closures or limited operations within their area by sending them geo-targeted weather advisory emails.

Be Explicit

No one likes surprises, especially not when they interfere with pre-disposed expectations. Make it clear from the beginning what exactly your customer is and isn’t receiving. People appreciate honesty and transparency. Sometimes there will be unpleasant information you may have to relay to consumers, such as additional charges for specialty services, but there is no other way to handle it other than being upfront. This will gain a customer’s trust significantly better than trying to minimize those sorts of details and pretend they don’t exist.  FreightCenter strives to educate customers on how freight shipping works, as many people do not fully understand what’s entirely included in a freight shipment. The freight shipment entails a pickup and drop off – nothing more. Any extra services such as liftgate, white glove, freeze protection come at a surcharge and must be mentioned at the time of booking or additional fees may occur.

Use Supply Chain Software

Supply chain distribution is a complex system to manage. However, with new technologies, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it once was. By utilizing supply chain software, you can reach maximum efficiency by remaining consistent across the board – which all trickles down to you saving money. Here at FreightCenter, we utilize our supply chain software to execute shipping transactions while allowing for a free flow of information throughout the supply chain. Defining and implementing your standard operating procedures also help ensure cohesion

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