5 Reasons Why You Should Ship with Freightcenter

August 22, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Let’s be honest—there are a lot of options available when it comes to freight shipping. Some people are looking to score the lowest price for their one-time shipment. Others want the best service and might even pay extra for it. At FreightCenter, you can have both—and more. When you book your shipments with FreightCenter, you get:

1. Unparalled customer service

From start to finish, you’re talking to real people, eager to assist you with booking your shipment and provide you with a customized experienced every step of the way. Have questions or an issue? No problem, we have an entire Customer Service team dedicated to making the freight shipping process as seamless as possible for you. Want to hear what our customers are saying? Check out our reviews.

2. Instant online technology

As our way of life becomes more fast-paced, so do our expectations and demands. What we want, we want now, and we’re willing to pay premium for the convenience. Lucky for you, by booking your shipments with FreightCenter you can get the instant satisfaction and service you want without the premium cost! By using our instant freight quote tool, you have access to a variety of carrier quotes and can pick the one that works best. Whether you want the fastest transit time or the cheapest price, you can shop the quotes we provide and determine which quote is right for you and your logistics needs.

3. Experienced, knowledgeable freight agents

You’re coming to FreightCenter because you’re unsure how freight works and would rather not fuss with the complicated process. You want someone else to handle it—we get it. That’s where we come in. What good would it be if we weren’t experts in what we do?

No matter which FreightCenter Agent you work with during your FreightCenter experience, you’ll be in good hands. Our agents will know which class your freight falls under, and if you’ll need a liftgate at pickup or deliveryor any other —questions you might have before, during, or after shipping freight. All the last-minute, anxiety-inducing questions you may have, can all be answered, by your experienced freight agent.

4. Volume discounted rates

It’s simple—the more you ship, the more you save. And who doesn’t love saving? By doing all your shipping with FreightCenter (we even offer parcel shipping now, too!), you can increase your savings exponentially by doing more of what you were already doing. It’s the ultimate incentive to ship with us. We provide our network of vetted freight carriers with a high volume of shipments, and they offer discount pricing which we then pass onto our customers. Think of it like wholesale or bulk pricing—where it literally pays to ship with FreightCenter.

5. Industry Leader & Award Winning

You wouldn’t trust just any 3PL with your freight, would you? But would you trust a veteran ownedaward winning business that is also the official shipper of the Philadelphia Phillies? We think yes.

We’ve got the credibility, experience, and track record to back up our claims. Since 1998 we’ve been doing what we do best—providing freight solutions to customers of all types. In conjunction with being an industry leader, we’ve developed proprietary technology for our transportation management system (TMS) and continue to develop new software and technologies that set FreightCenter apart from other industry noise.

Part of being an industry leader is being bold enough to try what has never been done before. Which we did when we opened our new parcel division, or provided our customers with 24/7 live support. When you ship, you want it done right—and we promise you nothing less.

Are you convinced? Learn more about how you can get a freight quote to get started on your first shipment!

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