Top 5 Causes of Delayed Deliveries

Delayed deliveries are the worst—need we say more? Even though delayed deliveries are a part of life in the logistics world, you don’t have to let them hold back your shipping strategy. Understanding the most common causes of shipping delays and incorporating different contingency plans into your business continuity plan will help mitigate disruptions to your business. Learn more about the top 5 causes of delayed deliveries, so you can ship smarter.

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Do Freight Shipping Prices Vary by State?

Several factors can impact the cost of freight shipping, including your shipment’s weight, dimensions and any special handling requirements, such as temperature or shape. Additionally, you may notice that the cost of your shipment changes depending on which state you are shipping to or from. Yes, that’s right, freight shipping prices do vary by state. See why and how freight shipping prices vary by state and what you need to know to help you save mone[...]

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Freight Shipping To Destinations With Special Requirements

Shipping destinations can be as distinct as the freight heading to them. Some deliveries could be as plain and simple as loading dock to loading dock, but some delivery locations have special requirements. It’s important to know the details of where your shipment is being delivered so that you can select the correct accessorials during quoting to avoid costly billing adjustments after the shipment is completed. Let’s discuss freight shipping to destin[...]

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The Cold Chain and COVID Vaccine Shipping

It’s been the talk of the town lately, and that includes in the freight shipping community. We’re talking, of course, about the COVID vaccine. The cold chain has been heavily impacted by the shipping of the COVID vaccine because of its temperature-sensitive shipping requirements. With millions upon millions of doses shipped out and more on the way, how has this impacted the cold chain and the supply chain as a whole, and how could it impact your busin[...]

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Clarifying Dimensional Weight vs. Actual Weight for Shippers

April 1, 2021 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under

With all the moving parts in freight shipping, you’d think weight wouldn’t be much of a big thing to have to look into. But it actually is! Freight weight is calculated differently than parcel, but how exactly is freight weight determined? Well, it depends on the carrier. Some carriers use dimensional weight (DIM) for your billing, and others use actual weight. With the different ways carriers use to determine freight weight, you are probably wonderin[...]

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How to Ship Fireworks

Business is booming! Fireworks shipping season is upon us, and now is the perfect time to get all the answers you need to fully optimize your fireworks shipping strategy. You’d be surprised how tricky it can be to ship fireworks, and how many steps there are in the journey from shipment to an awesome Independence Day firework show. Here’s how to ship fireworks like a true pro—safely and securely.

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How to Ship a Mattress

March 18, 2021 | By Constantinos Garoufalidis | Under

Flipping your mattress is one thing, but shipping it is a whole other project. You might be thinking that mattress shipping is pretty easy because it’s a common household item. However, mattresses can often be one of the more costly and complicated things to ship out there. Why? Their size, weight and shape always make them a hassle to move from point A to point B. How exactly does someone ship a mattress anyways? We’ve put together a step-by-step gui[...]

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Accessorials: What They Are and Why You Likely Need Them

If you had to take a guess, what do you think is one of the most common reasons shippers get surprise billing adjustments? If you guessed not including the necessary accessorials, then you are correct! No matter what you’re shipping, each and every single time you send out freight, you need to be aware of the role accessorials play in the process. And it’s a really important role! Not knowing exactly the extent of additional services you’ll need for y[...]

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Cargo Theft and Protecting Your Shipment

Did you know that each year about $30 billion worth of cargo is lost due to theft? Understanding the causes and more prominent times of cargo theft can help you protect your shipments.

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6 Ways an LTL Freight Carrier is Not Like a Parcel Service

Are you a business shipper who ships cargo in large quantities or cargo that is heavier than 150lbs. when fully packaged? Did you know that there are limitations on what parcel carriers can ship? While parcel shipping may work as part of your small business shipping strategy, you will likely need to include less-than-truckload or LTL shipping into your strategy as well. Incorporating LTL shipping into your strategy allows your shipping process to be m[...]

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