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How do you know if you are shipping freight or parcel? It’s not uncommon for shippers to mistakenly believe they should ship one way when really, it would be more efficient to ship another.

How to determine your best option

Ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Is your shipment over 150 pounds?
  2. Is your shipment more than 108 inches in length?
  3. Is your shipment more than 165 inches in both length and girth combined?

If you answered yes to all those questions, congrats! You’re shipping freight.

If you answered no to all those questions, congrats! You’re shipping parcel.

How to Calculate Girth

To calculate girth, measure the width of the package and multiply that number by two. Then, measure the height of the package. Multiply that number by two. Add these two numbers together and behold, that is your girth.

Add length and girth to see if the total is over or under 165 inches.

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