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What separates the good third-party logistics (3PL) companies out there from the great ones isn’t just their ability to connect shippers with the right shipping solutions. It’s about leveraging their amazing network of shipping partners and passing on the benefits of these partnership to their customers. One area that is extremely important in the process is freight packaging. At FreightCenter, we were lucky and excited to have our partner Jeff Banion, Director of Business Development with You Crate from R+L Carriers stop by our office last week and share their revolutionary solution to freight packaging.

What is You Crate?

You Crate is a freight packaging service provided by R+L Carriers delivering pre-packaged, reusable wooden crates to shippers. These crates are easily assembled and streamline the vital packaging step in the freight shipping process for shippers.

The process is pretty simple. When you ship with R+L Carriers, simply request a You Crate. There are two types of crates:

  • The box – 46”x46”x47” which handles shipments up to 2,000 lbs.
  • The tower – 46”x46”x80” which handles shipments up to 1,250 lbs.

Your You Crate is delivered to you and you have 2 business days to pack your freight. The crate is then picked up and delivered to its destination. Once unloaded from the final destination, You Crate picks up the crate. 

You Crate also offers an additional service, Load & Protect, designed to provide added security for your shipment. Perfect for high value items, shipments using the Load & Protect service get a designated trailer for the entire transit and the freight is divided off in the trailer with a tamper resistant wall. For the shippers valuing ultimate peace of mind, it doesn’t get more secure than that.

What Are the Benefits of You Crate? 

According to Mr. Banion, what makes R+L Carriers truly unique is that they’re the only carrier providing a wooden box to shippers for their convenience, rather than having shippers provide the carriers with proper packaging. Being able to easily and cost-effectively package your shipment can make a world of a difference for small businesses.

“You’ve got material and labor involved to build your own packaging. The small shipper, they have to run down their company’s inventory and get 4x8 sheets of plywood and build these things themselves,” Mr. Banion says. “And then what happens afterwards? They throw it away. And it ends up in a landfill or the dumpster.”

You Crate provides shippers and supply chains with the option for greener, simpler packaging solutions. These crates can be reused, and they save small business shippers precious time and resources on packaging materials.

Shipping with You Crate: The Next Steps

Partnering with a 3PL like FreightCenter who has a strong relationship with a service like You Crate fully optimizes your freight shipping needs. You get discounted, negotiated 3PL rates on already affordable You Crate rates and packaging solutions delivered right to your door. In addition, you’ll have a whole team of people on both the carrier and 3PL sides monitoring and tracking your shipment.

To learn more about R+L Carriers and You Crate, visit or

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