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Shipping, shipping, shipping—it’s on all business owners’ minds as we approach the busy holiday season. As consumers shift to buying more and more online, it’s important that you are prepared this year. If you want to be sure your packages arrive by the holidays, you need to keep these 2020 holiday shipping deadlines and cutoffs in mind.

2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines and Cutoffs Calendar

USPS, UPS, and FedEx have listed their 2020 holiday shipping deadlines and cutoffs, and we put together an easy to use calendar to download. So, keep it at your desk, on your fridge or wherever, but keep it handy so you can refer to it during crunch time.

Download our free 2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines and Cutoffs Calendar here.

Depending on your business’ shipping needs, you can easily see what types of services are available for all three carriers as well as their cutoff dates for each service offered. Make sure you send your packages by these carriers’ cutoff dates for on-time holiday delivery.

Resources to Make Holiday Shipping Easier

In addition to creating the free downloadable calendar, the FreightCenter team has put together the best and latest holiday shipping predictions, trends and tips. Check out these blog posts for additional, in-depth holiday shipping information:

Partner with a 3PL Who Gives You More

At FreightCenter, our main goal is to simplify the shipping process for our shippers. Our shipping experts can guide you every step of the way or you can use our online shipping tools to manage all your shipping needs in one convenient location.

Get started with an instant quote online or give our shipping experts a call at 844-212-7447 today.

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